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Lilac Snow Lace Cotton Scarf thin and long made with Valley Yarns 3/2 cotton


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United Kingdom$7.00$3.00
United States$4.00$1.00

Made to order.  Such a delicate and elegant scarf to enhance any outfit for casual or dress!  One of my favorite things to knit is lace.  I love the intricate and delicate feminine patterns. This is handknit in 3/2 100% cotton.  The intricate pattern is lacey and delicate.  Handmade cotton scarf can be worn in so many styles.  Lavendar scarf is 84" long and 4" wide.  The cotton yarn has a pearly feel to it which feels wonderful.  Lacey edge creates a round style to enhance the leaf pattern in the center.  The color is absolutely luscious.  

This is 100% cotton and will need to be handwashed and layed flat to dry, pinching the sides to restore the wonderful roundness to the border.  

Due to monitor settings the colors may appear different.  Please refer to the manufacturer website and search for Valley Yarns Lilac snow 3/2 cotton.  

Note: This lilac snow has been sold.  Custom orders please select the color you wish.  Each scarf will take 2-3 weeks depending on backlog and stock of product.  Upon receipt of order, I will contact you with updates on estimated ship time.